Support to Customs Officers


Customs authorities play a key role in the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions and in protecting their countries from unwanted trade of hazardous chemicals and wastes. Parties will be able to enforce national decisions and international rules on the import and export of hazardous chemicals and wastes if an efficient coordination between customs and relevant authorities takes place.

The Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions put into place trade related mechanisms aiming to control the transboundary movement of chemicals and hazardous wastes. Through decisions BC-10/13 and RC- 5/10, Parties requested the Secretariat to elaborate guidance and training for customs officers in relation to the trade related provisions of each of the three conventions. In the implementation of this mandate, the Secretariat developed a common approach aiming to provide coherent information for customs officers in relation to the chemicals and wastes covered by the three conventions. The Secretariat cooperates with initiatives, such as the Green Customs Initiative (GCI), international organizations, such as the World Customs Organization (WCO), as well as the Secretariats of different trade-related multilateral environmental agreements. This collaboration allows for the delivery of coordinated and cost-effective training for customs officers and the development of tools that respond to the needs of this specific audience.

Information on support to customs officers for the implementation of the Rotterdam Convention is available here.


  • Promoting dialogue between customs officials, focal points of the Conventions and other national stakeholders  towards a coordinated approach to support  the objectives and requirements of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions;
  • Improving understanding of the trade control issues, the role of customs and other  stakeholders, their challenges and needs, and how best to address them.

Upcoming Activities

  • Global workshop on international trade control measures under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions (subject to the availability of funding)

Recent Activities