Enhancing legal and institutional frameworks and enforcement under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions


Legal and institutional frameworks are the backbone for the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions. Under the Basel Convention, developing legal frameworks and preventing and combating illegal traffic are core requirements under the Convention (art. 4.4 and 9.5) and the Secretariat’s activities pertaining to national legislation, illegal traffic and enforcement support the effective implementation of these requirements and hence the achievement of fundamental objectives of the Convention.  

Under the Rotterdam Parties consider it important that their national regulatory frameworks and sub-regional approaches are consistent with the requirements of the Rotterdam Convention. Development of legal and institutional frameworks implementing the Stockholm Convention, including with respect to the elimination and environmentally sound management of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) throughout their life cycle was among recommendation of the effectiveness evaluation committee of the Stockholm Convention.


  • Identifying and documenting  the needs and challenges that parties have in developing, implementing and enforcing integrated chemicals and wastes policies and legislation;
  • Promoting full legislative implementation of the BRS conventions; and
  • Identifying possible elements of a national strategy for the effective implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions and other relevant agreements, e.g. measures, steps and best practices for strengthening national institutional, regulatory and legal frameworks.

Recent Activities