Social Media

Mass and electronic media are key components of joint communication, outreach and public awareness.  In addition to traditional effective means of communication, such as media events, press releases and public appearances, new social media now play a growing part in outreach.  

Among the most popular social media employed by the Secretariat are:

  • Safe Planet community on Facebook
  • BRS Conventions on Twitter @brsmeas
  • BRS MEAS photo galleries on Flickr
  • Safe Planet community on Facebook
  • Webinars our online seminars or workshops. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements - the ability to give, receive and discuss information.

Secretariat launches BRS MEAS photo gallery on Flickr

POPs Social

BRS MEAS is the new photo gallery of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions on Flickr, the latest addition to the conventions’ panoply of social media services.

The BRS MEAS collection consists of more than 1,200 photographic images taken by the Secretariat and organized into 20 thematic Albums covering the 2011 and 2013 conferences of the parties, the 2012 meetings of the POPs Review Committee and Chemical Review Committee.

Original photographs of  the Office of the United Nations in Geneva – the European headquarters of the UN at the Palais des Nations – the 2013 United Nations University E-Waste Academy and electronic wastes, the Body Burden and Basel Waste Solutions Circle posters series,  and a variety of special events – round out the collection.

The images found in BRS MEAS are suitable primarily for electronic use.  All conventions photos, whether used in print, electronic, online or other format, must be credited as follows: ‘©BRSMEAS’.

Prior written permission from the Executive Secretary of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions is required to reproduce the conventions’ photographs in printed, electronic or other formats.  To apply for permission, please contact Ms. Digna Francisco, focal point,  brand management,

Written permission is not required for reproduction of photo material as allowed by statutory exemptions (e.g. UN-affiliated non-governmental organizations and United Nations Associations, UN system organizations, including Specialized Agencies) or Fair Use (Fair Use applies solely to scholarly, academic, non-profit, or journalistic use of properly credited Conventions photos).

POPsSocial: A New Era of Responsible Communication

POPs SocialPOPsSocial, the new social networking platform of the Stockholm clearing-house mechanism , has been designed to serve both the need for accountability and for innovation.

POPsSocial enables users to register within specific online groups (social networks) on themes mandated by the Parties to the conventions. Some of these networks are formal ("by invitation only"), such as the POPs Review Committee or the PCB Elimination Network Advisory Committee.

Safe Planet community on Facebook

Safe Planet community on FacebookSupporting the United Nations Safe Planet Campaign are the Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm Conventions, the three leading global instruments offering concrete measures, new initiatives & viable solutions to hazardous chemicals & waste issues.



Follow the conventions on Twitter @brsmeas

To tweet, or not to tweet, that is the question.

BRS Conventions (@brsmeas), the new Twitter service of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, was launched on 2 July 2012.

Follow @brsmeas to keep up-to-date on all convention announcements, documents, meetings, publications and other relevant developments.

BRS Conventions join the conventions’ family of social networking tools, joining POPsSocial, PICSocial, and Safe Planet on Facebook.

That is something to tweet about.