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Spotlighting the science of chemicals and wastes

Global Biodiversity Festival-Rolph Payet's Presentation

Happy Birthday: The Stockholm Convention is 20 years young!

Executive Secretary Rolph Payet's message for the leadership dialogue at UNEA-5

A short video on Waste Management during the COVID-19

Plastic waste

 FAO-Gender & Pesticides

MOOC on E-waste

COPs 2015 Videos

Geneva, Switzerland - 15 May 2015

Synergies Process

Trailer “Mission: Planet De-Tox” by the Global Environment Facility

Magda Balicka speaks about the 2013 synergies conferences on hazardous chemicals and wastes

Media Coverage

2015 Triple COPs Media Coverage

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POPs smartphone game and animated video from China

Photo Gallery

19,000 people visit UN Geneva to celebrate UN70

The BRS Secretariat was a proud member of the UNEP team on Saturday 24 October as thousands of people visited the Palais des Nations to learn more about body burden and the sound management of chemicals and waste.

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COPs 2015

Geneva, Switzerland

04  – 15 May 2015 

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2013 COPs & ExCOPs

2013 COPs and ExCOPs

Geneva, Switzerland

28 April – 10 May 2013 

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