Regional preparatory meetings for the 2019 COPs

The objective of the regional preparatory meetings was to contribute to successful meetings of the conferences of the Parties (COPs) in 2019 by giving regions the possibility to consult each other in advance of the COPs, consider meeting documents, discuss substantive matters, identify regional priorities and challenges, and facilitate the preparation of regional positions.

As done in the past, regional meetings were held in order to assist Parties in preparing for the back-to-back meetings of the COPs in 2019. The dates, venues and organizers of the meetings were as follows:

The programmes of the meetings have been developed in close consultation with the bureaux members of the concerned regions. Further information on the regional preparatory meetings is available on the above individual meeting webpages.

Generous financial contributions have been received from the Governments of Norway and Switzerland for all four meetings.

All four meetings were held jointly with information sessions on the Minamata Convention on mercury. The Asia-Pacific, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean regional meetings were followed by information sessions on integrating a gender perspective in the sound management of chemicals and waste organized thanks to a generous financial contribution by the Government of Sweden. Additionally, the Asia-Pacific and Africa regional preparatory meetings was followed by a Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) day.

Observers wishing to participate in these meetings should contact the Secretariat as follows: for the Asia-Pacific region, Ms. Susan Wingfield (email:; Tel: +41 22 917 84 06); for the Africa region, Ms. Linnea Haglund (email:, Tel: +41 22 917 88 43), for the Central and Eastern Europe region, Mr. Alain Wittig (email:, Tel: +41 22 917 82 27), and for the Latin America and the Caribbean, Ms. Andrea Lechner (email:, Tel: +41 22 917 88 53). The deadline for registrations for observers was 15 February 2019.