Information Fair

An Information Fair will be held during the 2019 COPs, from 2 to 4 May 2019, at the Geneva International Conference Centre (CICG), 17 rue de Varembé, Geneva, Switzerland to highlight the importance of the role of external partners such as industry and the private sector, focusing on the role information plays, in the successful implementation of the conventions.

The objective of the Information Fair is to promote and facilitate the exchange of information  for the implementation of the conventions by providing an opportunity for partner institutions, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations and private companies to exhibit their information products, projects and technologies that are available to support the implementation of the conventions, and to showcase and debate about the crucial role that information plays in achieving the objectives of the three conventions. 

Partners are invited to showcase the information available, such as clean technologies for the sound management of chemicals and wastes and promoting opportunities for developing alternatives –including non-chemical alternatives- to chemicals listed under the conventions. Partners are also invited to showcase information available on developing partnerships to deal with particular issues such as the household waste partnership and others which have been successful under the Basel Convention. Exhibitors will also be encouraged to share and demonstrate how new communication tools available, such as mobile devices, wireless and satellite technologies, Apps and social media, can assist in achieving the objectives of the conventions.

The Fair is expected to be an interactive event hosted under the aegis of the COPs in the exhibition area blending both furnished booths for exhibitors to display their activities as well as a space for hosting specific interactive activities such as panel discussions, debates on ways to promote the transfer of technology, competitions and screening of videos.


20 exhibition booths will be made available for interested partners to showcase their activities during the three days of the Fair. The booths will be open throughout the 3 days. Exhibitors who wish to keep their booths until the end of the COPs will be allowed to do so.

Exhibitors will be encouraged to set up their booths with interactive demonstrations showcasing their fields of expertise.


The Fair will open with a ceremony and a reception at lunch time on 2 May 2019 and will be closed with a reception in the evening of 4 May 2019.

Interactive activities will take place during the lunch period between 13.00h and 15.00 and after the afternoon plenary session between 18.00h and 20.00h.

Interactive Panel discussions on topical issues involving high level representatives from all sectors will be scheduled for a maximum duration each of 60 minutes in order to ensure that participants remain engaged during the event.

Competitions will be organized to ensure that participants engage with the event. For example, awards will be given to recognize the best booth, the event that attracts the most participants, the most creative activity, etc.

In order to raise awareness and engage external partners, selected activities will be broadcasted live using a number of available social media tools such as YouTube and Facebook.

Side events

During the three days of the Fair the side events will be organized focusing on the theme of the Fair. Organizers of side events will be encouraged to showcase tools, and possible solutions and alternatives as well as opportunities for technology transfer for the implementation of the Conventions.
The side events will take place in the exhibition areas of the venue where possible.

Registration to participate

Participation to exhibit or host an event during the Fair is open to Parties and observers to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions. Requests for booths or to host events during the Fair should be submitted at the latest by Thursday, 28 February 2019 to:

Maria Cristina Cardenas
Att: Information Fair
Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions

Following past practice, a participation fee will be charged to participants representing the private sector and industry. Exhibitors representing NGOs and IGOs will be charged a nominal fee. Exhibitors that register early (before 15 January 2019) will benefit from a discounted early bird fee.

United Nations rules with regard to the marketing activities by private companies in a United Nations conference centre

Private companies can exhibit only what is pertinent to the conference they have been invited for and must not at any time neither solicit, transact nor market their services; The exhibition shall be for information purposes only, for the benefit of the participants to the conference.

Registration of speakers and participants

The Fair is open to all registered delegates participating at the official meetings of the COPs. Please note that all speakers and participants who wish to take part in the Fair must be duly registered for the COP meetings. Depending on their status, they can register in one of the following categories: Party representatives, observers (Non-Party States, UN bodies, other observer bodies and agencies, e.g. intergovernmental organizations, regional centres, non-governmental organizations), or others.

If the panelists, participants and/or speakers do not belong to any of those categories, they should contact the Secretariat as soon as possible to enquire if they could be registered as “visitor”. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to ensure that these “visitors” enter the conference building for the event only and cannot participate in other parts of the COPs meetings.

Access to the Conference venue is limited to duly registered participants - all speakers and participants have to be in possession of a conference badge in order to access the venue. Please review the information on meeting registration and on the admission process for observer organizations, if necessary.