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New plastic waste project underway in Bangladesh
Building on the recent Basel Convention plastic waste amendment, a new Norwegian-funded initiative has begun, with inception meetings in Dhaka for experts and stakeholders, 18 to 19 September, 2019.
More than 100 participants attend regional meeting to boost implementation of the Basel and Rotterdam conventions in Africa
Dakar, Senegal, hosts a capacity-building workshop for governments and other stakeholders working towards the sound management of chemicals and waste, including plastic waste. Funding support kindly provided by the Government of France.
Read the Basel Convention press release on the entry into force of the Ban Amendment
Entry into force of amendment to UN treaty boosts efforts to prevent waste dumping.
Read the BRS Executive Secretary’s contribution to the Universal Health Coverage new report “Health: A Political Choice”
“Pollution 5.0” is the title of Rolph Payet’s latest article, on why sound management of chemicals and waste is a prerequisite for achieving universal health coverage.
Basel Convention’s Ban Amendment to enter-into-force
With Croatia’s recent ratification of the @UN Basel Convention’s Ban Amendment, the threshold has now been reached, strengthening the prohibition of unwanted shipments of hazardous waste from developed to developing countries. Entry-into-force is 5 December 2019. Official Press Release t...
Household waste challenge takes centre stage as Basel Convention stakeholders meet in Trinidad
The second meeting of the Household Waste Partnership takes place in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, 4 to 6 September.
The Basel Convention’s new Plastic Waste Partnership seeks members
The BRS Secretariat is now seeking partners to mobilise business, government, international organisation, academic and civil society interests and expertise on the environmentally sound management – including prevention and minimisation – of plastic waste. The deadline for expressing int...
Meeting reports from the 2019 BRS Triple COPs now available
Online: meeting reports from the 2019 meetings of the Conferences of Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm conventions (advance English versions).
Funding support available for sound management of chemicals and waste
The French government’s new fund supports activities in support of the global chemicals conventions in developing countries, and has a deadline for project proposals of 4 October 2019.
Behind the Scenes at the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions 2019 COPs - video
Watch the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions “Behind the Scenes” video for a better understanding of how the Triple COPs work.
7 million premature deaths per year from visible and invisible air pollution
On the occasion of World Environment Day, read the BRS Press Release highlighting the need to make the invisible, visible to beat air pollution.
Highlights of the 2019 BRS COPs captured on video
Watch key parts of the Triple COPs, including the moment Parties decided, by consensus, to amend the Basel Convention to tackle plastic wastes.
Global experts on marine litter meet at BRS Secretariat in Geneva
First plastics meeting since the COP decision to amend the Basel Convention sees GESAMP experts assess risks associated with plastics in the marine environment.
New era for plastic waste management as governments agree landmark actions on chemicals and waste
The 2019 Triple COPs concluded successfully with a raft of decisions to protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of chemicals and wastes, including plastic waste.
Plastic Wastes: A World Problem
Plastic waste and especially marine plastic litter is an environmental problem occurring on a global scale today. The ubiquitous transboundary movement of plastic wastes and microplastics is becoming a major concern as their property of durability makes their particles remain for long period of time...
2019 Triple COPs open in Geneva: for a Clean Planet & Healthy People
Read the opening day BRS press release, outlining what to expect from the 2019 meetings of the conferences of parties to the Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm conventions.
Electronic waste on the agenda of global summit in Geneva, 8 to 12 April 2019
BRS co-hosts workshop with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on the circular economy, e-waste, and the SDGs during the 2019 World Summit on the Information Society.
1.6 million deaths could be prevented annually through the sound management of chemicals and waste
To mark World Health Day on 7th April, read the BRS Secretariat’s Press Release calling for greater action to prevent illness and death from unsound management of chemicals and waste.
Bring your own bottle to reduce the footprint of the 2019 Triple COPs – for a Clean Planet, Healthy People!
To reduce plastic waste at the meetings of the conferences of the Parties, arrangements have been made with the venue and catering service to minimize the use of plastic take-out containers, sandwich bags, cutlery and cups. Delegates are therefore invited to bring reusable drinking containers (mugs,...
Preventing Marine Litter: technical workshop in Barcelona pushes for environmentally sound management of plastic wastes
Experts converge on the Stockholm Regional Centre for the Mediterranean in Barcelona 3 to 6 April, to share and develop best practices on ESM of plastic waste, with thanks to Sweden for funding support.
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