Experts for Science to Action

At the 2017 meetings, the BRS COPs requested the Secretariat to revise the draft road map (UNEP/CHW.13/INF/50 - UNEP/FAO/RC/COP.8/INF/35 - UNEP/POPS/COP.8/INF/52), with a focus on enhancing science-based action at the national and regional levels for consideration at the 2019 meetings.

In accordance with paragraph 8 of decisions BC-13/22, RC-8/15, SC-8/25, the following experts were nominated by Parties through their bureau representatives to assist the Secretariat in further revising the draft road map:

African States: Mr. Babajide Ibitayo Alo (Nigeria)
Asia-Pacific States: Ms. Jian Xiaodong (China)
  Ms. Roxana Maleki (Iran)
  Mr. Iftikhar Gilani (Pakistan)
  Mr. Ali Al-Dobhani (Yemen)
Central and Eastern European States: Ms. Kateřina Šebková (Czech Republic)
  Mr. Juergen Helbig (European Union)
  Ms. Magdalena Frydrych (Poland)
Latin American and Caribbean States: Mr. Agustín Harte (Argentina)
  Mr. Juan Carlos Lliquín Criollo (Ecuador)
Western European and other States: Ms. Alison Kennedy (Canada)
  Mr. Timo Seppälä (Finland)
  Mr. Vassilios Karavezyris (Germany)
  Mr. Peter Dawson (New Zealand)

The Secretariat prepared a revised draft road map with a focus on moving from multilateral dialogue to action at the national and regional levels while avoiding duplication and inconsistencies with existing mechanisms and taking into account the views expressed by Parties during the 2017 meetings. Parties and others are invited to submit comments on the revised draft road map, by 28 February 2018.

 Date Download
Argentina Response 28 February 2018
Australia Response 29 March 2018
Canada Response 28 February 2018
Central African Republic Response 6 March 2018
Costa Rica Response 28 February 2018
EU and its Member States Response 28 February 2018
Iraq Response 28 February 2018
Iraq Response 28 February 2018
Madagascar Response 22 January 2018
Mexico Response 27 February 2018
Mexico  Response-2 6 March 2018 
Myanmar Response 28 February 2018
State of Palestine Response 28 February 2018
Serbia Response 1 March 2018
United States of America Response 5 March 2018
IPEN Response 28 February 2018