Pocket Guide to the BRS Gender Action Plan

Integrating gender considerations into the sound management of chemicals and waste

The BRS Secretariat, together with GRID-Arendal, developed a Pocket Guide to the BRS Gender Action Plan, which was launched at the 2019 BRS COPs.

The Pocket Guide outlines possible actions for Parties to mainstream gender in the implementation of the BRS Conventions, as well as a framework for action by the Secretariat to integrate gender into its work.

The guide includes the following topics:

  1. BRS gender mainstreaming activities within the Secretariat
    1. Baseline of gender-related issues within the Secretariat
    2. Communication of the BRS Gender Action Plan (BRS-GAP) and other gender-related information to BRS staff, Parties and partners
    3. Training and skill development on gender-related issues
    4. Gender equality in human resources management
    5. Secretariat staffing
    6. Promotion of gender equality through the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the Secretariat
    7. Monitoring and reporting on mainstreaming activities within the Secretariat
  2. Implementing gender mainstreaming activities with partners
    Baseline of gender-related issues in projects and programmes
    1. Gender components in the Secretariats’ projects and programmes
    2. Awareness-raising and outreach
    3. Capacity-building through pilot projects
    4. Conferences of the Parties and meetings of subsidiary bodies
    5. Cooperation with other partners on gender related activities
    6. Monitoring and reporting on projects and programmes