Roadmap for Science to Action

By decisions BC-12/22, RC-7/12 and SC-7/30, the 2015 BRS COPs requested the Secretariat to develop a roadmap for further engaging Parties and other stakeholders in informed dialogue for enhanced science-based action in the implementation of the conventions at the regional and national levels.

The 2015 BRS COPs noted that the roadmap should consider:

  1. Exploring new activities within the mandates of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions to enhance science-based action to implement the conventions;
  2. Addressing the gaps in access to scientific information and knowledge, the lack of capacity to provide scientific inputs to the various processes under the conventions and the need for scientific and technical advice in relation to the implementation of the conventions;
  3. Facilitating the exchange of scientific and technical information among parties and other stakeholders and promoting the understanding of the scientific and technical aspects of the three conventions;
  4. Possibilities for cooperation and coordination with the UNEP and other relevant organizations, scientific bodies and stakeholders.

By decisions BC-14/25, RC-9/13 and SC-9/23, the 2019 BRS COPs took note of the road map prepared by the Secretariat (UNEP/CHW.14/INF/40–UNEP/FAO/RC/COP.9/INF/35–UNEP/POPS/COP.9/INF/44) and encouraged Parties and others to initiate action that promotes the implementation of the road map. The 2019 BRS COPs requested the Secretariat, subject to the availability of resources, to undertake capacity building and training activities to support Parties in taking science-based action in the implementation of the BRS conventions.

Furthermore, the 2019 BRS COPs invited Parties and observers to submit to the Secretariat, by 30 November 2020, information on action being undertaken to promote the implementation of the road map. 

 Date Download
Colombia Response 30 November 2020
Serbia Response 2 December 2020
Tanzania Response 25 June 2020
United Kingdom Response 1 February 2022