In July 2015, the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions (BRS) developed its vision, mission and strategic direction for the biennium 2016 - 2017, in line with the decisions of the conferences of the parties and the focus of the United Nations to become more effective in addressing the global challenges of the sound management of hazardous chemicals and wastes.

he development of this document was initiated by the Executive Secretary on his appointment and finalised through various activities, including a strategic retreat for the Secretariat in July 2015. The BRS Secretariat Vision, Mission and Strategic Direction (2016 - 2017) elaborates the Secretariat’s vision and describes how it will achieve the mandates from the respective conferences of the parties, addressing the needs of the parties to the conventions. It also provides a basis to remain focused on the goals of the Secretariat and to measure the effectiveness of the Secretariat’s actions.

The Vision, Mission and Strategic Direction for the biennium 2016 - 2017 complements the vision and mission statement and builds on focus areas that were established for the biennium 2014 - 2015.