Roster of experts

This is a database of experts in the work of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions. The database allows users to identify an expert in their region or country based on its areas of expertise in Chemicals and Wastes issues.

The experts currently listed in the database are former and current members of the Chemical Review Committee of the Rotterdam Convention, the POPs Review Committee of the Stockholm Convention, and the Bureau of the Open-ended Working Group of the Basel Convention. For each expert, you can find the contact information, CV, membership, meetings participated and areas of expertise.

Every two years, the experts in the database are asked to update and confirm their information. As at October 2015, of the 187 former and current members of the subsidiary bodies or its Bureau, 46 experts have confirmed their information and can be found in the database. In future, the database may include other experts involved in different expert groups or other work. We hope that more experts will confirm the information and be added to the database.

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