BRS Secretariat participates at the third U.N. Environment Assembly as observer

The third session of the Environment Assembly (UNEA-3) will be an important event for the global community to declare strengthened political commitment for beating pollution and to provide directions and innovative solutions to achieve a pollution-free planet.

The theme and agenda of UNEA-3 speaks directly to the core objectives of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions. All three conventions share the aim at protecting human health and the environment from toxic and hazardous substances and wastes.

The BRS Secretariat will take part as an observer in UNEA-3 and provide information on decisions and ongoing work under the conventions that are relevant to the meeting’s deliberations.

To that effect, the Secretariat submitted to UNEA-3 the following background notes on the work of the conventions as it relates to the draft resolutions being considered:

More information about the BRS conventions’ contribution toward tackling pollution can be found at the BRS booth and during the following UNEA-3 events:

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