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UN Palais des Nations in Geneva turns green as key climate change talks begin at COP-26, 1 November 2021
Landmark building illuminated by Basel Convention green to highlight links between climate change and chemicals and waste, including plastic waste.
Grenada becomes a Party to the Basel, Rotterdam, & Stockholm Conventions
Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm Conventions continue to move towards universal coverage as Grenada deposits its instruments of accession, with entry into force on 13 January, 2022.
Drowning in Plastics: Marine Litter and Plastic Waste Vital Graphics
This compilation of eye-catching graphics, developed by UNEP, GRID-Arendal and the BRS Secretariat, aims to provide a complete overview of the global challenges related to marine litter and plastic waste through a condensed descriptions of key thematic areas and eye-catching graphics.
The end of DDT?
Historic WHO announcement on a malaria vaccine, and recent recommendations of the Stockholm Convention’s Expert Group, give grounds for optimism that DDT could soon be phased out forever.
E-waste in the context of a sustainable digital transformation in Africa and in Latin America: webinars 28-30 September 2021
Join these webinars, organized by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), UNECE, BRS and other partners, discuss challenges and opportunities offered by a digital transformation.
BREAKING NEWS: Scientists recommend listing hazardous pesticides terbufos and iprodione in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention
The 17th meeting of the Chemicals Review Committee ended online today, with experts recommending the listing of a further two pesticides by the Rotterdam Convention COP-12 in 2023
BRS highlights interactions between plastic waste and food through social media campaign
Click to view the new social media cards, produced as a contribution to the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit, 23 to 24 September, in New York and online.
BRS Chief addresses plastic waste crisis on UN News
Listen to the latest installment of Dateline Geneva, featuring an exclusive interview by the BRS Executive Secretary Rolph Payet, and interventions by Plastic Is Forever photo exhibition finalists.
Online Segment of 2021 Triple COPs successfully concludes with key decisions adopted
More than 1,300 representatives from more than 160 countries agree key decisions to keep work towards sound management of chemicals and waste on track.
2021 Triple COPs convened online with more than 1,000 delegates, 26 to 30 July
Read the official press release as more than 150 countries join the online segment of the 2021 meetings of the Conferences of Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam, & Stockholm conventions.
Story map: Plastic waste and the Basel Convention
Follow the plastic waste crisis as it unfolds around the world, with our dynamic data visualization map, and find out more about the role of the Basel Convention’s Plastic Waste Amendments in minimising and managing plastic waste.
BRS Triple COPs: Technical trials for registered participants of the online segment of the COPs, ahead of the meetings
Officially registered participants are invited to join technical trials on 21 July and 22 July to become familiar with the use of the meeting platforms.
Triple COPs 2021: Working documents, including budget documents for consideration by the COPs, available online in the 6 UN languages
Pre-session documents for the online segment of the Triple COPs, including the proposed interim programmes of work & proposed budgets for the conventions for 2022, now available.
Journalists: Cover the 2021 Triple COPs on the sound management of chemicals and waste
Accreditation process now open for correspondents seeking to attend the meetings of the Conferences of Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm conventions, (online segment) from 26 to 30 July 2021.
Photo exhibition on plastic waste open on Geneva waterfront and online
Photos from around the world showcased through live and virtual exhibitions, organised by the Basel Convention’s Plastic Waste Partnership, Geneva Environment Network, UNEP, Norway, and the City of Geneva.
Second meeting of the Basel Convention Plastic Waste Partnership held online, 14 to 16 June 2021
Key online meeting of PWP pushes ahead actions to implement the plastic waste amendments and promote environmentally sound management of plastic waste globally.
Climate change and chemicals & waste combine to threaten biodiversity
New joint report by the BRS and Minamata conventions secretariats released to mark World Environment Day.
Twenty years after the Stockholm Convention was adopted, new monitoring reports confirm decreasing levels of certain POPs worldwide
The latest round of regional monitoring reports, which have greater data and geographical coverage than before, and which again confirm decreasing levels of certain POPs worldwide, are now online.
BRS Secretariat launches video series to celebrate Stockholm Convention’s 20th anniversary
Watch the first of the new video series “Twenty Voices for Twenty Years”, featuring Executive Secretary Rolph Payet.
Happy Birthday: The Stockholm Convention is 20 years young!
Read the BRS Press Release marking the 20th anniversary of the adoption, on 22 May 2001, of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.
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