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Agencies and partners join forces to promote the implementation of environmental law through enhanced knowledge sharing and new tools
The Multilateral Environment Agreements and Knowledge Management Initiative seeks to develop harmonised information systems among 18 MEAs.
New Tool Goes Live for Finding Technical and Scientific Publications
The Secretariat is pleased to announce the launch of a new online tool for finding its many joint technical and scientific publications. The use of an integrated search engine combines publications from the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Convention processes for the first time, and enables interes...
Kerstin Stendahl delivers opening remarks at the launch of the Patent Landscape Report on E-Waste Recycling Technologies
In collaboration with WIPO related to e-waste, the “Patent Landscape Report on Electronic Waste Recycling and Material Recovery Technologies” to provide insight into how the patent and business literature can be probed to advance technical progress and maintain a competitive environment....
DD shouts out for Home Recycling on World Environment Day 2014
Luxembourg singer/songwriter Daniel Depienne’s Statement of Responsibility on how becoming a ‘Recycling Freak’ helps protect nature from electronic and other wastes.
Kerstin Stendahl calls for increased awareness & safer alternatives to unsound chemicals
Collective global action agreed to in our multilateral environmental agreements coupled with implementation supported by the Global Environment Facility is helping to reduce threats posed by the use of chemicals.
May Webinars shine light on candidate POPs under review and PCBs inventories
Join the Webinars on Chemicals under Review by POPRC, 6 May, and enhancing PCB inventories, 13 and 15 May 2014.
Record Funding for the Global Environment
US$ 4.43 billion pledged for the Global Environment Facility.
A Brief Historical Perspective on International Progress in the Sound Management of Chemicals and Wastes
Jim Willis guest article published in IISD Chemicals and Wastes Policy & Practice on 28 March 2014.
First e-learning tool launched to prevent illegal trade in hazardous chemicals and waste
INTERPOL and the BRS Secretariat launch e-learning module to help law enforcement officers identify and prevent illegal trade in hazardous chemicals and wastes
17 participants strengthened their skills at the training session on chairing meetings of all conventions
Training contributes to gender and regional diversity in conventions’ corps of highly qualified chairpersons
Chemicals and waste MEAs cross synergies milestones
2013 was marked by a year of achievements for the three conventions
Zayed International Prize Honours Top Environmentalists
Colombia’s Paula Caballero Gómez is recognized as having been instrumental in the early conceptualization and promotion of Sustainable Development Goals.
Regional Centres aim to score a goal against chemical contamination
At annual joint meeting Regional Centres of the Basel and Stockholm conventions exchange plans for evaluating performance and sustainability  
Outstanding independent scientists sought to fill vacancies within the GEF’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel
Candidates in the areas of Biodiversity and Chemicals/Waste Management are being sought by deadline of 31 January 2014.  
First joint meeting of the Chemical Review Committee and the POPs Review Committee strengthens scientific synergies
Committees establish intersessional working group to prepare guidance on PIC POPs chemicals.
Training extends conventions’ corps of highly qualified chairpersons
A pilot training on chairing meetings of the Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm conventions will be offered in Glion, Switzerland, from 3 to 5 March 2014
UN chemical experts recommend adding three pesticides to the PIC global watch list
Rotterdam Convention’s Chemical Review Committee held its 9th meeting in Rome from 22 to 24 October 2013, back to back with the joint meeting of the conventions’ scientific review committees
Secretariat launches BRS MEAS photo gallery on Flickr
BRS MEAS is the new photo gallery of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions on Flickr, the latest addition to the conventions’ panoply of social media services. The BRS MEAS collection consists of more than 900 photographic images taken by the Secretariat and organized into 12 thema...
New global treaty cuts mercury emissions and releases, sets up controls on products, mines and industrial plants
Kumamoto, Japan, 10 October 2013 - Japan, a country which has come to epitomize mercury poisoning in modern times, today became one of the first countries to sign a historic new international convention to reduce emissions and releases of the toxic metal into air, land and water and to phase out man...
Building an Effective Future-proof International Chemicals and Waste Regime
Franz Perrez, Swiss Ambassador for the Environment, writes about synergies milestones and future cooperation between the three conventions.  
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