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BRS Secretariat marks World Water Day, 22 March
Visit or follow the @brsmeas twitter account to view a series of photos demonstrating the impacts of chemicals and waste on water.
BRS Secretariat participates at the World Summit on the Information Society Forum in Geneva
Executive Secretary Rolph Payet contributes to discussions on a range of issues, including the Sustainable Development Goals, throughout WSIS 2018
On International Women’s Day, BRS seeks more Gender Heroes
The BRS Secretariat invites Parties and stakeholders to submit stories highlighting innovative or inspiring examples of gender mainstreaming for sound management of chemicals and waste.
The BRS Secretariat celebrates International Women’s Day
Women are disproportionately impacted by hazardous chemicals and waste. Gender mainstreaming case studies, profiles of Gender Heroes and Gender Pioneers, and the BRS Gender Action Plan are all available on our website.
BRS Secretariat strengthens cooperation with International Telecommunications Union
The BRS Executive Secretary, Rolph Payet met with the Secretary General Houlin Zhao to discuss enhanced cooperation between the two organizations to tackle areas of joint concern such as E-waste from used IT equipment.
BRS Secretariat marks World Wildlife Day, 3 March
Visit or follow the @brsmeas twitter account to view a series of powerful photos demonstrating the impacts of chemicals and waste on nature and wildlife.
Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions’ scientific subsidiary bodies training in Brno, Czech Republic
As a timely expression of the international day of Women-in-Science on 11 February, 19 out of 22 participants at this key CRC/POPRC joint workshop are female.
BRS Secretariat staff help highlight the importance of women and girls in science
Three-quarters of the BRS Science and Technical Assistance Branch are female, adding their voices to the international day of Women and Girls in Science, 11 February.
New report highlights emerging chemical and waste threats to the Arctic
Plastic marine litter, POPs, pesticides and pharmaceuticals among chemicals of emerging Arctic concern according to Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme report.
BRS Secretariat contributes to Second Conference of Parties to the Bamako Convention
BRS participates at the Bamako Convention COP-2, 30 January to 2 February in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, bringing African nations together for a Pollution-Free Africa.
Consultant sought for marine plastic litter assignment
Apply by 6 February 2018 to assist the Basel Convention Secretariat tackle the problem of marine litter and micro-plastics pollution.
In the spotlight: Stockholm Convention working hand-in-hand with Barcelona Convention
Read about the BRS Regional Centre in Barcelona, Spain, as our regional series highlights the Mediterranean.
Basel Convention’s ESM Toolkit assists Parties protect human health and the environment
Online tools define and promote the environmentally sound management of chemicals and wastes.
Online Stockholm Convention interactive maps show POPs levels worldwide
Global Monitoring Plan’s data warehouse holds historical records of POPs levels in air, water, blood and breastmilk.
Stay up to date with the monthly BRS Newsletter
Interested in sound management of chemicals and wastes? Write to us at to receive the latest @UN #Detox news into your inbox every month.
Nigerian TV channel screens BRS film “What has Gender got to do with Chemicals”
The BRS film, made together with partners WECF and WEP and premiered at UNEA-3 in Nairobi last month, is screened on Nigerian International TV (NTA) on Monday 15th January at 1730 local time.
Season’s Greetings from the BRS Secretariat
A Happy New Year to all Parties, partners, stakeholders and donors from the BRS Secretariat.
BRS staff members show their support for UNEA-3’s message to Beat Pollution
Whilst key resolutions were adopted at the UN Environment Assembly yesterday in Nairobi on marine litter, air and soil pollution, and environment & health, BRS staff took to social media to show their support.
Gender in the spotlight at UNEA-3
A film premiere in Nairobi on the margins of UNEA-3 will focus on gender and the sound management of chemicals and waste.
Interactive panel discussion at UNEA3 – recording online
If you were not in Nairobi and could not watch it live, you can now view the recording to hear all about new innovations, interventions, questions, and discussions.
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