Next Exit: Chemical Safety

The "Next Exit: Chemical Safety" is an interactive game aimed at raising awareness on the objectives of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions by introducing the topic of chemical safety to young people in a playful way.

The concept is based on the idea of escape games, in which a small group must succeed in solving a complex task within a given time frame. The game is designed to be played by groups of up to 30 (thirty) persons. Educational materials have been developed to accompany the game, which provide teachers with a wealth of background information and ideas for further projects.

Game boxes, containing the necessary materials, are currently available in two UN languages (English and Spanish).

The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) version of the game is also available, to enable teachers to easily put together the game themselves. Instructions and print templates can be downloaded from the board game below and from the board game’s website.

This project was implemented with the generous funding provided by the Federal Republic of Germany.

DIY version of the game for download

Downloadable DIY version
English Spanish

Communication Tools

Communication Tools
English Spanish


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