Watch some of the films which captured key moments of the 2019 Triple COPs

Click below for video coverage of the meetings of the Conferences of Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm conventions, held in Geneva from 29 April to 10 May 2019.

- Film of the moments that the 19th Basel Convention COP adopted decisions relating to plastic waste, via the Geneva Environment Network facebook account;
- Film of the BRS Triple COPs Closing Press Conference, via the UN TV (Geneva) network;
- Films of each day of the Triple COPs (by the BRS video consultant, Jenni Hamilton);
- Radio interview with Explorer/Broadcaster Paul Rose, reflecting on the COPs, via the UN Radio (Geneva) service.

Commercial TV channels also broadcasted newspieces on the Triple COPs including Al Jazeera (Qatar); ARD (Germany); CCTV (China); and CNN (USA) to mention just a few.