Public Awareness and Outreach

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The Public Awareness and Outreach (PAO) team communicates the messaging and work of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions with internal and external audiences.

Public Awareness

We update the websites for the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm Conventions, as well as the Synergies website of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat.

We run the following accounts on social media:

Our photo gallery can be found on Flickr, and our video gallery on YouTube.

We are also responsible for developing and publishing various publications , including scientific and technical publications, factsheets & infographics, storymaps, and promotional material for events.

Last but not least, we create and launch international campaigns to convey the messages of the three Conventions, and raise awareness of their work.

Media and public outreach

We create and distribute media kits and press releases, organize press conferences, and respond to media inquiries.
We also respond to queries from the public.

Stakeholder outreach

We manage and expand relationships with existing stakeholders. We also reach out to other actors to forge new partnerships.


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