National project - the State of Palestine

The project “Developing Environmentally Sound Management Policies and Legal Frameworks related to Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions” is being implemented in the State of Palestine as a part of the project on legal frameworks and international trade and control measures under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions, with generous support of the European Union.

The project aims to focus on developing environmentally sound management policies for wastes and chemicals, including use of various guidelines and manuals developed under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions. The project is also intended to identify gaps in the national legal framework related to illegal trade and traffic.

The project will:

  • Undertake desk and literature review
  • Consult key stakeholders in identification of gaps in the national legal framework
  • Conduct meetings and workshops with related partners
  • Prepare a report for effective strengthening of the national legal frameworks in consultation with key stakeholders
  • Draft policies, manuals, and guidelines for environmentally sound management policies.