Gender Training


As part of the BRS Gender Action Plan (BRS-GAP) which was developed in December 2013 and most recently updated in March 2019, the Secretariat developed a gender training programme with the aim of assisting Parties to integrate a gender perspective in the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions.

The training programme was initially piloted during the annual joint meeting to enhance cooperation and coordination between the regional centres under the Basel and Stockholm conventions on 17th November 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. Following this, half-day training sessions were held during March 2019 back-to-back with the regional preparatory meetings for the 2019 BRS COPs. The training is conducted as a hands-on workshop for Parties to facilitate gender mainstreaming in their respective countries.

Content of the training programme

The training programme was designed to introduce the terms used in the gender context, the relationship between gender, chemicals and waste and how gender equality contributes to the sound management of chemicals and waste. In addition, it highlights the promotion of the understanding of the differing impacts of chemicals and waste on men and women; how to mobilise action at the national and regional levels; and how to promote the equal and meaningful participation of women in decision-making with respect to hazardous chemicals and waste management and in BRS processes.

Further information on the training (resources and PPTs) can be found here.