Regional workshop on the management of POPs in articles

Abuja, Nigeria from 2 to 3 October 2023


The Stockholm Convention aims at the elimination of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), many of which are applied in products and articles. Such POPs include brominated flame retardants such as hexabromocyclododecane, tetra- and pentaBDE, hexa- and heptaBDE, decaBDE and UV328, a UV filter for plastics. The presence of POPs in such articles at end-of-life can impede the environmentally sound management, including recycling, of plastic waste. There is little awareness among Parties, especially in developing countries, about these chemicals, the risks posed by their use and presence in the recycling stream and possible measures to eliminate their presence, in the use as well as in the waste-related phases.

The workshop is organized with the generous financial support of the European Commission. 

Objectives of the workshop

  • Increase awareness and provide training for Parties on issues associated with the management of POPs in articles as well as policy and technical measures to phase out uses of POPs and manage plastic products containing such chemicals in an environmentally sound manner;
  • Disseminate guidance on the environmentally sound management of POPs contained in articles and wastes developed under the Stockholm and Basel Conventions;
  • To strengthen understanding of the chemical-waste interface and challenges to the circularity of plastics;
  • Provide a platform for exchanging of information and experience sharing among invited Parties.

Target audience

Government authorities involved in implementation of the Stockholm and Basel Conventions

Workshop language


Contact information

For questions regarding the training please contact Melisa Lim ( and Agustin Harte (