Regional workshop on national reporting under the Basel and Stockholm Conventions and inventory of plastic waste

Montevideo, Uruguay 18-21 April 2023

Organized by

The training is organized by the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions in cooperation with the Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional Centre in Uruguay. The Government of Norway provided the funding for the training course.

Working language(s)

English and Spanish are the working language of the training.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Enhance understanding of the reporting obligations of the Parties to the Basel and Stockholm Conventions;
  • Inform participants about the use of the electronic reporting systems of the Basel and of the Stockholm Conventions, including similarities of the two electronic reporting systems, the commonalities and differences in the data collection process for both reporting obligations, and issues common to inventories of chemicals and hazardous waste, with emphasis on plastic waste; and
  • Provide a platform for exchanging of information and experience sharing among invited Parties.

Target audience

The training session targeted countries from the Latin America and Caribbean region.


Parties to the Basel Convention are required to transmit to the Secretariat, at the end of each calendar year, their respective national reports pursuant to Article 13, paragraph 3. The national report questionnaire contains qualitative and quantitative information. This is a mechanism that allows Parties to share information with each other and it also indicates the level of the implementation of the Basel Convention. The focal points of the Basel Convention, at the national level, are responsible for receiving and submitting information as provided for in Articles 13 and 16.

Parties to the Stockholm Convention are to transmit national reports to the Secretariat of the Stockholm Convention every four years. The reports contain qualitative information on the measures taken to implement the Convention and on the effectiveness of such measures. Additionally, Parties are required to report quantitative information which includes statistical data on the production, import and export of the chemicals listed in Annexes A and B, among others.

Additionally, a special session of this training workshop will be dedicated to inventories of plastic waste, where experts will explain the methods and approaches suggested under the convention, and Parties will have an opportunity to learn about best practices in this field.

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