Outstanding independent scientists sought to fill vacancies within the GEF’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel

Outstanding independent scientists are invited to apply for vacancies that will become available in July 2014 within the Global Environment Facility’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP). The Global Environment Facility (GEF) is currently searching for two qualified candidates in the areas of Biodiversity and Chemicals/Waste Management. STAP Panel Members are expected to be able to provide a minimum of 60 days per year to the work of STAP, and up to a maximum of 90 days if needed depending on work program circumstances. 

Formal Terms of Reference for each position may be found on the GEF website, along with instructions for submitting applications.

Applications should be submitted to recruitment.stapgef@unep.org, by the closing date of 31 January 2014. To assist the work of the Search Committee, qualified candidates are referred to the website above for detailed information on the position and application instructions.

For further information about STAP, the Panel, and its work program please consult the STAP website.

Please do not hesitate to contact Thomas Hammond, the STAP Secretary (thomas.hammond@unep.org), for further clarification on this process if needed.