Welcome to "Synergies among the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions"

“Synergies” is your window to the synergies process, an unprecedented effort to enhance coordination and cooperation among the three multilateral environmental agreements addressing hazardous chemicals and wastes.

The newest member of the conventions’ clearing-house family of websites, “Synergies” provides an overview and history of the synergies process and serves as a single point of entry for the synergies-related decisions, joint programme of work and joint activities of the conventions.

 “Synergies” also serves as the home of information related to the joint bureaux and extraordinary meetings of the Conferences of the Parties to the conventions. 

The website features success stories drawn from national, regional and global level and highlights increased cooperation between the regional centres.

It provides a gateway to the conventions’ growing presence among, and use of, social media, including POPsSocial, PICSocial, Safe Planet and the expanding series of Webinars on synergies.

The secretariat’s new matrix management structure and cross-cutting activities, including joint publications, are introduced on the website.

“Synergies” builds off of the successful launch in 2011 of the conventions’ interlinked websites. The new website is fully integrated into the clearing-house mechanism and shares its unique information exchange capabilities.

Enhancing synergies among the three conventions in the chemicals and waste cluster has been spotlighted during debates on mending the fragmentation of the global system of environmental governance.  By increasing the transparency of the synergies process, “Synergies among the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions” hopes to contribute to this international dialogue.

Most importantly, “Synergies” aims to inform and inspire Parties to the conventions, and support cooperation, coordination and communication at all levels, to the benefit of human health and the environment.