Cover the COPs: Information for members of the media wishing to attend the meetings of the conferences of Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm conventions

As with previous meetings of the conferences of the Parties, bona fide members of the media are encouraged to attend all or part of the 2019 Triple COPs. By following a simple accreditation process each journalist will be issued with a security badge/pass which identifies that person as media and enables access to most areas of the venue.

Media access follows the Guidelines for Media accreditation and access, found here.

The answers to some Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) concerning media accreditation and access are found here.

The Application Form for media accreditation are found here.

A Media Advisory can be found here

Geneva-based journalists accredited to the UN (i.e. those with a blue badge issued by the United Nations Office in Geneva, UNOG) are asked to also complete the Application Form but do not need to provide further documentation.

For further information concerning the 2019 Triple COPs, please contact