POPs Waste Technical Guidelines

Updating of the general technical guidelines on the environmentally sound management (ESM) of persistant organic pollutants (POPs) waste to include new POPs (S7)

Parties to the Basel Convention at their eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 8) in 2006 adopted the general technical guidelines on the ESM of waste consisting of, containing or contaminated with persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and specific technical guidelines on these wastes. Due to the amendments to the annexes of the Stockholm Convention, these guidelines need revision to include the newly listed POPs.

At its fifth meeting, the Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention invited the appropriate bodies of the Basel Convention to update, if needed, the general guidelines for the ESM of wastes consisting of, containing or contaminated with POPs and to prepare or update specific technical guidelines developed under the Basel Convention. Consequently, at its tenth meeting the COP to the Basel Convention undertook decision BC-10/9 whereby it specified the tasks to be undertaken by the Parties and the Secretariat.

This activity will aim at supporting Parties to the Basel and Stockholm conventions so that they receive technical and scientific information and guidance when required and in order to allow them to deal with wastes from new POPs. These technical guidelines can be used by stakeholders at national and regional levels. It builds on the existing experiences on developing technical guidelines, with support of lead countries and a small intersessional working group (SIWG) as well as on training and capacity building activities being undertaken in this domain.