From Science to Action

The Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions are science-based, legally binding global treaties aimed at the protection of human health and the environment from hazardous chemicals and wastes. Policy decisions taken by their governing bodies, the Conferences of the Parties (COPs), are underpinned by various scientific assessments.

At the 2015 meetings, the BRS COPs took decisions entitled “From science to action” by which they recognized the importance of the science-policy interface for the effectiveness of the conventions and the need for greater access to scientific understanding in developing countries to enhance informed decision-making on the implementation of the conventions. The COPs also stressed the need for scientific underpinning for decision-making and policymaking in the sound management of chemicals and wastes at the national and regional levels (decisions BC-12/22, RC-7/12, SC-7/30.

At the 2017 meetings, the BRS COPs took note of the draft road map for further engaging Parties and other stakeholders in an informed dialogue for enhanced science-based action in the implementation of the conventions prepared by the Secretariat (UNEP/CHW.13/INF/50 - UNEP/FAO/RC/COP.8/INF/35 - UNEP/POPS/COP.8/INF/52).

In their decisions BC-13/22, RC-8/15, SC-8/25, the BRS COPs emphasized that, through its subsidiary bodies, expert groups and other related mechanisms, including with other partners, the necessary processes are in place to ensure science-based work and decision-making under the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions.

They also emphasized the importance of, and the need to enhance, the interaction between scientists, policymakers and other actors in the policy process to promote the exchange, development and joint construction of knowledge with the aim of achieving more informed decision-making for reaching the objectives of the conventions.

Parties and other stakeholders are encouraged to initiate action to promote science-based decision-making and action in the implementation of the conventions at the national level.

The Secretariat was requested, subject to the availability of resources and in collaboration with regional centres, to undertake capacity-building and training activities to support Parties in science-based decision-making and action in the implementation of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions.

The Secretariat was also requested to cooperate and coordinate with UN Environment and other relevant organizations, scientific bodies and stakeholders towards strengthening the science-policy interface.


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