Experts for Science to Action

At the 2017 meetings, the BRS COPs requested the Secretariat to revise the draft road map, with a focus on enhancing science-based action at the national and regional levels for consideration at the 2019 meetings.

In accordance with paragraph 8 of decisions BC-13/22, RC-8/15, SC-8/25, the following experts were nominated by Parties through their bureau representatives to assist the Secretariat in further revising the draft road map:

African States:

Mr. Babajide Ibitayo Alo (Nigeria)

Asia-Pacific States:

Ms. Jian Xiaodong (China)


Ms. Roxana Maleki (Iran)


Mr. Iftikhar Gilani (Pakistan)


Mr. Ali Al-Dobhani (Yemen)

Central and Eastern European States:

Ms. Kateřina Šebková (Czech Republic)


Mr. Juergen Helbig (European Union)


Ms. Magdalena Frydrych (Poland)

Latin American and Caribbean States:

Mr. Agustín Harte (Argentina)


Mr. Juan Carlos Lliquín Criollo (Ecuador)

Western European and other States:

Ms. Alison Kennedy (Canada)


Mr. Timo Seppälä (Finland)


Mr. Vassilios Karavezyris (Germany)


Mr. Peter Dawson (New Zealand)