Public Awareness, Outreach and Publications

The three leading global chemicals and waste management instruments provide concrete measures, new initiatives and viable solutions to current and emerging issues related to hazardous chemicals and waste. 

Raising popular and stakeholder awareness and understanding of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions promotes the sound management of hazardous chemicals and wastes.

The overall aim of the conventions’ synergies outreach activity is to strengthen responsibility toward chemicals and waste. Awareness-raising can motivate positive change in the behavior of consumers, producers, workers and other stakeholders to protect health and the environment against these harmful substances. Parties to the conventions benefit from increased support from the public and key stakeholders.

Achieving synergies in joint communication, outreach and public awareness through the conventions’ programme of work serves to increase the impact of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions.  

Guided by the joint communication, outreach and public awareness strategy, the synergies programme of public awareness and outreach seeks to raise the profile of the chemicals and waste agenda globally and at regional, national and local level.

At each level, the secretariat works to strengthen delivery of the conventions’ flagship messages by providing communication and outreach services in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

"Joint communication, Outreach and Public Awareness" and "Publications" are two of the main cross-cutting activities found in the 2014–15 synergies work programme supporting outreach and information dissemination of the conventions.