Production and dissemination of legal and technical publications

The overarching goal of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions is the protection of human health and the environment for the promotion of sustainable development. Dissemination of information on hazardous chemicals and wastes, which is one of the key functions of the Secretariats of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions, plays a vital role in contributing to the achievement of that overarching goal. Publications are one of the major means of disseminating information to Parties and others.

The objective of the production of publications outlined in the synergy decisions is to provide legal and technical information to Parties and others for the effective implementation of the conventions. The aim is to ensure publications are of high quality, share a distinctive professional design, deliver on time, and are distributed to achieve the maximum benefit to Parties and other stakeholders.

The legal and technical publications and information materials produced and disseminated are convention-specific as well as those related to cross-cutting and joint activities included in the programmes of work of the three conventions.

Synergies publications since March 2011

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