Safe Planet Campaign

Safe Planet Campaign website Safe Planet is a global public awareness and outreach campaign for ensuring the safety of the planet against harm caused or threatened by the production, use and disposal of hazardous chemicals and wastes.

Launched in February 2010 during the first extraordinary meeting of the Conferences of the Parties to the conventions, Safe Planet uses social media, celebrity endorsements and community outreach activities to raise awareness especially among consumers, educators and youth, and women.

Safe Planet has since held over 75 events in 15 countries, attracting dozens of high profile supporters while engaging tens of thousands of participants in the campaign to make "a planet safe for all living things".

By sharing responsibility, Safe Planet promotes the life-cycle approach to chemicals and waste management, recognizing that effective solutions to the challenges posed by toxic chemicals and wastes require action be taken by a wide variety of agents working at all levels of society, from Government, industry and educational institutions, to community-led initiatives, grassroots organizations, and the decisions of individual households and consumers.

Activities include the organization of events involving strategic target groups, participation in events organized by others and the inclusion of Safe Planet activities undertaken by participating organizations and individuals at the regional, national and sub national levels.

In the campaign, the Secretariat works through activities undertaken with participating organizations and individuals through their acceptance of UN principles and in conformity with the joint strategic public awareness and outreach objectives, aiming at the leveraging of existing resources, partnership agreements, and in kind and voluntary contributions.

The Safe Planet community is presently hosted on Facebook.